Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Number 5 Pick, Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

About a week ago, the Washington Wizards, who had a 17.7% chance of getting the first pick in this upcoming draft, dropped down to 5Th in the NBA lottery.  Wizards fans everywhere were probably cringing in pain, and, of course, at losing the opportunity to get Blake Griffin, Oklahoma's superstar forward.  However, recent history suggests that number five ain't too shabby, and number one wont get you a surefire stud.
Dating back to 2001, the first picks of the draft include:
Kwame Brown, Yao Ming, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Andrew Bogut, Andrea Bargnani, Greg Oden, and Derrick Rose.
The fifth picks of the same drafts were:
JasonRichardson,Nikita Tskitishvili, Dwayne Wade, Devin Harris, Raymond Felton, Sheldon Williams,
Jeff Green, and Kevin Love.
Number one has the clear advantage with Yao, LeBron, Dwight Howard, and Rose all proving to be worthy. 
However, Kwame was a bust, Boguts been nothing special, and who the
heck is Bargnani? There are clear busts at five as well, but Dwyane Wade is a superstar, Devin
Harris is a stud, Felton, Green, and Love are all young and rising stars, and Richardson has been
a solid veteran for years.
So should the Wizards be weeping about dropping all the way to five? Negatory. they should
be embracing the fact that they are, in the Abraham Lincoln 5 spot, where plenty of potential lies.

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